Location :
The peninsula of Zudar has so far been spared major tourist developments, leaving the natural beauty and specific charm of this scenery largely intact. The surrounding Bodden is one of the most important resting places for cranes and geese on migration from their Scandinavian breeding grounds to their winter quarters in Southern Europe. The Bodden is also breeding ground for hundreds of cormorants and swans. Be it from the "Yellow shore" to the Maltziener lighthouse, or from the ferry at Glewitz around Palmer Ort, Zudar offers a variety of delightful hiking and cycle tours.
Your accommodation, a former storehouse for fishing nets, is situated at the fringes of the village of Zudar, directly at the shores of the Schoritzer Wiek. There is a quay adjacent to the house, from which you can fish or put your canoe to see.
If you wish to go for a swim in the Bodden, you can take a 5-minute drive to the nearby natural beach stretching for almost 6 kilometres between Palmer Ort and Gelbes Ufer (yellow shore). Alternatively, you can take a ride along the old Bäderstraße (tree lined avenue) to the Baltic seaside resorts farther north.
The ferry between Glewitz and the mainland operates from Easter until the end of October; this is a good way to avoid the often heavy traffic on the Rügendamm!

Directions :
When crossing the Rügendamm When taking the ferry to Glewitz
(bridge across to the island)

once on the island, turn right at the first traffic lights following the sign to Poseritz
follow that road all the way to Poseritz
leave the main road approximately 1 km after Poseritz following the sign to Glewitz
turn left to Glewitz at the next crossing and continue to Zudar
once in Zudar take the first turnoff (small lane) to your left
the holiday loft "Netzboden" is at the end of the lane

coming from Greifswald, leave the B96 at the turnoff to Stahlbrode/Fähre (ferry at Stahlbrode)
please note that the ferry operates in a 20-minute interval from Easter until the end of October only!
for further information, visit: www.weisse-flotte.com
once on the island follow the road from Glewitz to Zudar
go through Zudar and turn right at the last turnoff (small lane) before leaving the village
the holiday loft "Netzboden" is at the end of the lane